Turf Usage

Quality turf for every usage

Whether your project requires turf for parklands, sportsgrounds, public works, commercial or domestic spaces, AusGAP certified turf ensures that the whole production, delivery and installation process is undertaken to the highest industry standards, reducing risk and improving project outcomes.

Olympic Golf Course Turf


Sports turf is a very specialised section of the Australian turf industry and AusGAP is involved with some of the most exciting and promising sports turf varieties to have been released in the modern era.

Olympic Golf Course Turf


Turf products used in parklands need to be of a certain standard to minimise the possibility of the spread of weeds, diseases and pests that have the potential to be carried in transported goods.

Olympic Golf Course Turf


Too often turf is an after thought in construction and can end up detracting from the project if it is not chosen and installed correctly, whereas a well maintained lawn has been shown to add value.

Olympic Golf Course Turf

Public Works

A quality green space adds to the aesthetics and feel of any outdoor situation, be it a road side or freeway divide, or a shopping mall in the city. The right choice of turf is essential to ensure a quality outcome.

Olympic Golf Course Turf


When you deal with an AusGAP certified grower, you can be confident they are professional in every aspect of their business, meaning a quality turf product and an outstanding commitment to customer service.

Turf Selector

The AusGAP Turf Selector will assist with the selection of the correct grass type for your situation.

AusGAP are exclusive ITGAP agents and uphold the ITGAP production standards here in Australia guaranteeing purity and quality of new advanced turf products.

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