About AusGAP

Partners & Industry Support

AusGAP has partnered with some of the countries leading turf research companies and consultants to ensure that our growers and customers are privy to the latest in technologies and resources available in Australia.

International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program

The International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) was developed and designed to provide a mechanism for University and privately developed turfgrass varieties to be propagated and distributed worldwide while maintaining variety identity, purity and freedom from other crops and perennial grasses and weeds.

To achieve the above goal ITGAP uses a system of field inspections and documentation to verify that grass sold as “ITGAP Certified” is in compliance with ITGAP Standards. The standards may be reviewed at www.ITGAPturf.org. Purchasers of Certified ITGAP grass can depend on receiving a product that will perform as desired and add be aesthetically pleasing and functional for years to come.

A message from Terry Hollifield, Program Administrator:

The International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) is pleased to announce that AusGAP (Australia Genetic Assurance Purity Turf Accreditation Program) is now the exclusive agent for ITGAP and will administer the ITGAP standards in Australia and the region. AusGAP is committed to improving genetic purity of certain turf grass varieties in the region. ITGAP is a global program with 21 growers in 12 countries producing 13 certified varieties of turfgrasses.

Australian Sports Turf Consultants

Australian Sports Turf Consultants (ASTC) provides independent technical and agronomic advice to sports organisations, the turf production, environmental, commercial and residential sectors. ASTC specialises in turf consultancy and research to enhance natural turf facilities, recreational and open spaces, environmental sensitive areas and urban environments. ASTC is committed to provide a professional services to educate, enhance and develop the turf sector while providing practical solutions. ASTC is an Australian owned and operated company with their office based in Brisbane.

ASTC is conducting third party agronomic assessments of AusGAP accredited turf farms across Australia, including those within Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA). Inspections cover turf foundation stock material and turfgrasses being grown by some of Australia’s leading turf producers. ASTC’s experience and independent services are able to strengthen the AusGAP program and provide consumers with greater confidence in the AusGAP certification program and quality of turfgrass being sold.

Turf Australia

Turf Australia is the representative body for turf producers throughout Australia. Our mission is to lead and further develop the turf industry, improve professionalism within, promote turf to the marketplace and represent all turf growers and the industry.

To achieve this, Turf Australia:

  • Represents turf producers in public, government and agency forums
  • Promotes, supports and develops industry best practice
  • Provides education and a forum for industry members and allied industries
  • Encourages and helps direct industry research, development and extension
  • Promotes the industry’s products, processes and professionalism
    Fosters co-operation between Turf Australia and State turf associations
  • Ensures good governance and management.

Turf Australia works with a large variety of other organisations to help deliver widespread benefits to Australian turf producers.


NATSPEC is a national not-for-profit organisation that is owned by the design, build, construct and property industry through professional associations and government property groups. NATSPEC’s objective is to improve the construction quality and productivity of the built environment through leadership of information.

For over forty years, NATSPEC has been delivering the national, comprehensive construction specification system endorsed by government and professional bodies. NATSPEC, the National Building Specification, is for all building structures with specialist packages for architects, building designers, interior designers, landscape architects, structural engineers, service engineers and domestic owners. AUS-SPEC is the Local Government specification system for the life-cycle management of assets. NATSPEC maintains the National Classification System to assist specification writers organise the content of specifications, and their users to find the information they need. NATSPEC is also responsible for the National BIM Guide and its associated documents.

NATSPEC is the preferred specification system for major building professionals. Government departments, contractors, consultants and architects endorse NATSPEC.

STRI Group

STRI Group is the world’s leading sports surface solutions provider. We make great sport happen.

Our vastly experienced teams of consultants, researchers and designers produce world-class surfaces where athletes of all abilities can perform to their very best. We enhance pitches, courses, tournaments and events, encouraging sustainability and innovative technology, while developing future-proof design through our unparalleled sport sector knowledge.

STRI is also the leading authority for sports turf research. Our aim is to improve the performance, quality, durability and aesthetics of all sports surfaces from grassroots facilities to international stadia.

From our extensive research facilities in the UK, Australia and Qatar we help develop sustainable cutting- edge technologies and deliver outstanding scientific solutions.

STRI provides quality, bespoke and cost-effective solutions for the design, construction and management of all types of sports surfaces.