AusGAP is an independent turf quality assurance business that operates under the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) system and is the only authorised agent outside of the USA to be endorsed by the owned and governed Georgia Crop Improvement Association.

The program in Australia is a registered business and operates under the business model that any turf producer is welcome to apply and gain AusGAP accreditation and certification. Application are accepted with fees payable for the program.

Key objectives of the AusGAP program is to ensure quality assurance and genetic purity for branded turf grasses and provide an operational system to support turf producers nationally, with the anticipation to improve farm practices and turf quality for the end user (including the sports turf industry).

The program is based on a set of specifications that are identified in the AusGAP Business and Turf Certification Standards guidelines.

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