AusGAP in public works

Quality green inclusions

A quality green space adds to the aesthetics and feel of any outdoor situation, be it a road side or freeway divide, or a shopping mall in the city, bringing natural elements in to soften the hardscapes of modern Australia benefits all involved.

AusGAP certified turf has been used in many a situation to do exactly that. AusGAP certified turf is produced under industry best practice and is guaranteed:

  • Pure and true-to-type
  • Visually free of pest and disease damage
  • Free from weeds and foreign grasses
  • Backed by warranty

Correct turf selection

Choosing the correct turf for a project is a crucial element of any tender process. The AusGAP Turf Selector is designed to take the guess work out of turf selection. The Turf Selector takes into account a range of variables including:

  • Amount of sunlight available
  • Amount of traffic or wear the grass will face
  • Availability of water and nutrients
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Soil make up
  • Temperature, rainfall and humidity

Certified Buffalo, Berry ANZAC Memorial Park, NSW

Garema Place pop-up park, Canberra

Sir Grange on display at Future Street, Sydney

Quality guarantee

Selecting an AusGAP certified turf will ensure that you are getting the best turf products available and using the AusGAP Turf Selector gives you a range of options that will best suit the needs of the job.

AusGAP also offers advice on preparation and maintenance for any public works project and can work with the local AusGAP certified producers to get you the best results.

AusGAP peace of mind

All AusGAP certified producers are required to maintain and implement Environmental and Biosecurity policies and procedures on and off farm.

This focus on Environmental Stewardship ensures the customer that products under the AusGAP program have been produced in compliance with all relevant Environmental and Biosecurity measures to minimise the impact on direct and surrounding environments.

Let us help

Contact AusGAP today to discuss the best options for your project.

Turf Selector

The AusGAP Turf Selector will assist with the selection of the correct grass type for your situation.


Whether you are in charge of a large scale public site or laying a couple of square metres of grass in your backyard, correct site preparation is essential to give your AusGAP certified turf the best start.

Research & Development

AusGAP is involved in turfgrass research and development (R & D). This involves assisting farms with their own varietal R & D as well for the group’s management arm. It involves varieties such as Buffalo, Hybrid Bermuda and Zoysia varieties.

Get advice for your project

AusGAP growers and staff can assist in the planning of site preparation and maintenance of your turf project. Send the details of your project to us and our team will provide free expertise and advice to assist you. 

AusGAP are exclusive ITGAP agents and uphold the ITGAP production standards here in Australia guaranteeing purity and quality of new advanced turf products.

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