Site Preparation

Laying Turf

Whether you are in charge of a large scale public site or laying a couple of square metres of grass in your backyard, correct site preparation is essential to give your AusGAP certified turf the best start.

The best start for your turf

Some of the critical points that should be checked include;

  • Ensuring that the surface that it is to be laid down is clean of all other vegetation.
  • Getting the surface levels right so drainage is efficient in situations where heavy rainfall occurs.
  • Providing a suitable medium for the grass to root into and establish that has a good balance of organic matter for nutrition but will allow air and moisture to reach the root zone of the plant.
  • Making sure that there will be sufficient water available to keep the grass wet while it is establishing and to maintain it in times of drought.

Laying freshly cut turf on a correctly prepared soil base

Leading turf specialists

AusGAP can provide guidelines for your project shaped by the grass that has been selected, the climate that you are in and the intended use of the use of the certified turf product.

Your local AusGAP certified producer can also assist with the process and will have the local knowledge to be able to shape your site preparation for the best possible results.

AusGAP has formed partnerships with some of Australia’s and the worlds leading turf breeders, turf scientists and sports turf consultants meaning that we have access to the latest in;

  • Turf grass research and development
  • Sports turf site preparation consultation and advice
  • Site preparation templates and advice for all circumstances.

Turf success

AusGAP certified products are produced under the highest industry standards to guarantee you that the grass will be:

  • Clean of foreign grasses and other weeds
  • Free from pest and disease damage
  • True-to-type and guaranteed

Using AusGAP, its associated growers and partners for preparation advice is the best way to ensure that the premium certified grass you have selected has the best chance of enhancing your project.

Contact AusGAP to start the process and get the right site preparation for your project.

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The AusGAP Turf Selection Tool will assist you select the correct turf variety to ensure it has the best chance of thriving in the particular environment in which it is laid.

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All of the AusGAP certified growers across Australia have an extensive knowledge of turf types and can advise on the best option for you if the choice is not clear.

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Get the lowdown on site preparation and maintenance, and you can even send the details of your project to us and our team will provide free expertise and advice to assist you.

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Whether your project requires turf for parklands, sportsgrounds, public works, commercial or domestic spaces, AusGAP certified turf ensures that the whole production, delivery and installation process is undertaken to the highest industry standards, reducing risk and improving project outcomes.

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