Posted 26 May 2020 by AusGAP Certified

What is the AusGAP Turf Certification Program?

What is the AusGAP Turf Certification Program?

The AusGAP Turf Certification Program consists of five main components, that enable turf growers to produce the highest standards and quality in turf production and these are:

  1. Business and farm regulatory compliance
  2. Environmental stewardship
  3. Keeping turfgrasses genetic purity intact
  4. Maximise levels of customer satisfaction
  5. Staff welfare and safety

As AusGAP certified grasses are sold in a retail capacity or commercially, the importance of each grower to maintain a set of standards covering the entire production, sales and delivery process is paramount. The following practices are a brief undertaken of AusGAP at each grower’s farm:

  • A minimum of one growers farm visit annually
  • Auditing of the grower’s business and farm practices
  • The AusGAP program and farms are independently audited regularly to maintain consistence and precise program

For a grower to achieve and maintain certification, AusGAP require and monitor a standard for both pre and post-harvest of their stock will be:

  • AusGAP stock pre-approved before planting on farm
  • Turf be and remain true turf type
  • Turf is free of any other foreign varieties
  • Turf is visually free of disease, weeds, and pest damage

In stating the above AusGAP’s certification program helps maintain the best possible turf quality for all consumers.

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