Posted 2 June 2021 by AusGAP Certified

What AusGAP means for you

What AusGAP means for you

We at the Australian Genetic Assurance Program – AusGAP – are Australia’s leading turf certification program. After having years of industry knowledge and experience we increasingly saw the need for the turf industry to have such a program that assures you are getting what you are ordering. Through our processes and practices of certification we can assure you that the product is the highest quality.

Our role in your turf purchase is guide you through evaluating your project needs and to make sure that the entire production, delivery, and installation of your turf is undertaken to the highest industry standards.

Generally, when we make purchasing decisions in the marketplace we look for products or services that are certified. These include identifiers like ‘Australian Made’ or High food hygiene ratings. We are making sure this applies to turf as well, Michael Sutton AusGAP Program Manager, wants to make sure that when looking for turf you are looking for turf that is ‘AusGAP certified’.

“It all adds up to one thing – when you deal with a grower that produces AusGAP certified turf, you can be confident they are professional in every aspect of their business, and this is reflected not just in the quality of their turf products, but their commitment to customer service.

“AusGAP raises the bar for every aspect of turf production – from turf quality control through to the grower’s business practices and record-keeping, staff training and customer service.” says Michael.

Following our processes and practices take time and effort, as we audit and monitor not only the farm’s turf standards, but also business standards. This is why turf farms that produce AusGAP certified turf can confidently stand behind the quality of their products and services.

We have five main components of our process of certification. Following these components allow for the highest standards in turf production to be achieved by encompassing all facets of turf grower operations:

We are tough on turf and business standards. We know the best houses, sporting fields, parks and all other turf projects are built on strong foundations, and this applies equally to growing and supplying quality turf to ensure a successful lawn.

When buying AusGAP certified you can be sure that the turf and business standards we produce are the highest in the industry. With the growing necessity for certification in all industries including the turf industry, we can make sure that you are investing your time and hard-earned money on the best the industry can provide.

Head to the AusGAP website and click on the ‘Turf Suppliers’ tab to find AusGAP certified turf near you.