Posted 1 January 1970 by AusGAP Certified

Turfco and AusGAP

Turfco and AusGAP

AusGAP ensures the turfgrasses within their program remain genetically pure through a quality control framework. Turfco is a producer of AusGAP certified turf, located on the South Coast of New South Wales, who take AusGAP certification seriously ensuring all business and turf production standards meet and exceed AusGAP’s requirement. AusGAP sat down with Turfco to discuss a successful turf project they completed for their local government area, read on to find out more.

Turfco have exhibited superior quality of their turfgrass varieties and showcased that throughout the local community with their latest project of turfing a local roundabout in Oak Flats. AusGAP was a part of Turfco’s farm visit for Council and Landscapers in early 2020. Shellharbour Council were assured Turfco’s Sir Grange Zoysia they are purchasing is AusGAP certified, and that the production of their Sir Grange has been carried out to the highest industry standard.

Why did you push for Sir Grange for this project?

“Council were looking at reducing maintenance cost at a large roundabout in Oak Flats NSW. The roundabout needed regular maintenance which involved a maintenance crew and traffic control. After visiting our farm and learning about Sir Grange with its low input requirements and benefits of Sir Grange left un-mowed, Council decided to go ahead with Sir Grange at the roundabout. Council prepared the site, which included installing irrigation. The Sir Grange was supplied on 15th April 2021, and we remained in contact with Council during the establishment period to ensure everything.”

What have the results been like?

“Council is extremely happy with the result. They no longer need traffic control at the round about when maintenance is carried out. Council is so impressed with how the Sir Grange is going they are looking at another two roundabouts in Oak Flats in 2022.”

Why is it important to produce AusGAP Certified turf?

“AusGAP is a very important part of our business, with regular inspection we are able to work together in making sure to deliver a quality product free of weeds, disease, and pest damage at the time of delivery.”

Consumers benefit from buying AusGAP Certified turf. AusGAP work diligently with their clients to ensure turf is of the highest quality, genetically pure and true to type. This has proven effective for Turfco and their relationship with their customers, providing a product that is proof of hard work and dedication.

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