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Specialist sports products

Sports turf is a very specialised section of the Australian turf industry and AusGAP is involved with some of the most exciting and promising sports turf varieties to have been released in the modern era.

AusGAP certified producers have exclusive access to AusGAP certified Sir Grange fine bladed Zoysia and TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda grass.

These two grasses are controlled worldwide under the International TurfGrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) which ensures product purity by enforcing strict production protocols. These specialist grasses have been derived from years of research and development by the world’s leading turfgrass breeders in America.

Sir Grange Golf course

Sports grounds

TifTuf in production for Sports grounds

Guaranteed quality

AusGAP uses the ITGAP quality control framework along with a number of business compliance protocols to maintain genetic purity within Australia and guarantee the consumer that each delivery of sports turf will live up to expectations.

Along with these two specialised and exclusive turf varieties, AusGAP certified producers can supply and guarantee many types of turf grass that have been produced under the same strict protocols to ensure you get a clean and pure product every time.

Specialist sports turf consultants

AusGAP has also partnered with some of the country’s leading sports turf research and consultation companies in Australian Sports Turf Consultants (ASTC) and the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI).

This relationship allows the AusGAP and its nation band of growers to be at the cutting edge of sports turf technologies and up to date with the latest developments in the area of turf production, site preparation and sports turf maintenance.

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AusGAP, in conjunction with its experienced growers and the specialist turf consultants that are associated with the program, can assist in the planning, construction and maintenance of any sports turf project.

The exclusive AusGAP certified grasses in Sir Grange fine bladed zoysia and TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda will enhance any appropriate sports field setting with superior performance and low maintenance needs.

Learn more

Download our brochure or contact AusGAP to begin the process for your next sports turf project.

Turf Selector

The AusGAP Turf Selector will assist with the selection of the correct grass type for your situation.


Whether you are in charge of a large scale public site or laying a couple of square metres of grass in your backyard, correct site preparation is essential to give your AusGAP certified turf the best start.

Research & Development

AusGAP is involved in turfgrass research and development (R & D). This involves assisting farms with their own varietal R & D as well for the group’s management arm. It involves varieties such as Buffalo, Hybrid Bermuda and Zoysia varieties.

Get advice for your project

AusGAP growers and staff can assist in the planning of site preparation and maintenance of your turf project. Send the details of your project to us and our team will provide free expertise and advice to assist you. 

AusGAP are exclusive ITGAP agents and uphold the ITGAP production standards here in Australia guaranteeing purity and quality of new advanced turf products.

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