Posted 24 November 2021 by AusGAP Certified

Top End Turf and AusGAP

Top End Turf and AusGAP

There are over 40 turf farms nationally that produce AusGAP Certified turf, providing quality assurance to all of Australia. Located in Douglas Daly, Northern Territory, Top End Turf have been producing turf since 2004. AusGAP is for the turf industry leaders and Top End Turf are premium suppliers of quality turf showcasing some of the best of what the turf industry can offer. AusGAP sat down and had a chat with Sarah Measey from Top End Turf about one of their turf projects and what it means to be AusGAP certified.

Having a close relationship with the community, Top End Turf had the opportunity to donate 300 square meters of Sir Grange to the 3rd annual Douglas Daley Campdraft. A campdraft is an Australian sport involving herding cattle on horseback. The 300 square meters of Sir Grange was used as an area to socialise and watch as the campdraft events went on through the weekend.

Why did you donate turf and why Sir Grange?

It’s about creating a nice green space for people to socialise in. The campdraft went really well, unfortunately due to covid restrictions the Polocrosse carnival was cancelled as it is considered a contact sport. The campdraft still went ahead and had really good numbers, a few hundred people.

We chose Sir Grange because the wallabies don’t like it, there is something in it that wallabies don’t eat. But the organisers they thought it was great and the turf is doing well.

How did you achieve this project?

This was a very last-minute project so the turf only went down four days before the event, so we used maxi rolls, we couldn’t have done that with the standard rolls. The benefits of having the bigger rolls are that they are quicker to lay, less joints making them more stable to be walked on so soon after laying and they don’t dry out as much.

What does being AusGAP certified mean to Top End Turf?

AusGAP just sets a standard, so people know and are reassured with what they are getting, giving the customer reassurance that they are getting a quality product. AusGAP come at least once a year to come check our paddocks and provide training that helps all the staff. AusGAP ensures our environmental impact is minimised and help to ensure that our turf produced is free of weeds, disease, and pest damage at the time of delivery.

AusGAP work in collaboration with the producers to ensure every product is delivered to site visually free of weeds, pest, and disease. It takes dedication and team work to ensure every project is given 100% even if it is a donation, Top End Turf show that supporting local communities and focusing on the rigorous AusGAP process that the best outcomes can be achieved.