Posted 30 November 2021 by AusGAP Certified

The relationship between ITGAP and AusGAP

The relationship between ITGAP and AusGAP

New turf varieties are always entering the market after years of research and development. To ensure these new varieties remain genetically pure and true to type, the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) was founded to oversee turf farms on a global scale. ITGAP has exclusive arrangements in Australia with AusGAP making our program the only independently endorsed turf certification program from ITGAP internationally. Find out more about ITGAP, its influence, and its ties to AusGAP.

What is ITGAP?

The International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) is the world’s premier turf quality assurance system that monitors turf production sites worldwide to ensure that turfgrasses are grown, inspected, and sold under a rigorous set of rules and guidelines. ITGAP inspectors from the United States undertake these inspections in all regions that produce ITGAP certified grasses worldwide. In a world first, AusGAP has been entrusted with upholding the standards of the ITGAP protected grasses through an exclusive agency agreement.

What does ITGAP do?

• Conduct third-party inspections to verify a member’s compliance with ITGAP standards
• Provide reports of compliance (or non-compliance) to owner of variety and to the member/grower.
• Maintain all records of annual and quarterly certificates and inspections.

ITGAP is the global scale of AusGAP and is an internationally accepted and recognised verification and certification program for turfgrass production.

What influence does ITGAP have?

ITGAP members differentiate themselves from other growers by following specific production policies and procedures. ITGAP’s deserved reputation has allowed them to be a resource for golf and sports turf facility owners, architects, and designers, knowing they will be provided with quality assurance. Many patented and licensed turfgrasses are required to be produced under the ITGAP program, this is the same for AusGAP certified varieties, all varieties we certify are exclusively grown under our program with our certified growers.

How do AusGAP and ITGAP work together?

Like AusGAP’s certified growers sending through quarterly self-inspection assessments, AusGAP report to ITGAP quarterly with progress in maintaining turfgrass purity in our varieties. ITGAP provides assistance in creating a seamless inspection process using their experience on the global scale to help focus on what will work in Australia without fault.

ITGAP is synonymous with quality, purity, and skill, being a proven leader in the international market for turfgrass certification and verification. AusGAP are proud to continue their work with ITGAP in providing turfgrass purity assurance to the Australian turf industry.