Posted 22 December 2021 by AusGAP Certified

The AusGAP Experience from Farm to Field

The AusGAP Experience from Farm to Field

Want to know what AusGAP is all about? To give a different perspective on Australia’s leading turf certification program we asked a local producer of AusGAP certified turf, and a landscaping contract manager to reflect on the impact AusGAP has on their daily work.

AusGAP is Australia’s leading turf certification program working with the country’s leading turfgrass producers to provide genetically pure and true to type grass varieties. AusGAP work in collaboration with the turf producer and the client to ensure every project is supplied with turf that is visually free of pests, weeds, and disease damage.

AusGAP Certified turf is produced under the best industry practices from start to finish. This ensures that all steps along the chain are carried out in accordance with AusGAP protocols and standards along with state and federal requirements.

AusGAP Certified Turf Producer

AusGAP turfgrass varieties are exclusive to producers that are AusGAP compliant.
It can take a turf producer up to 12 months to become AusGAP compliant. The program includes a rigorous set of guidelines for both business and turf standards for the turf grower to adhere to.

These guidelines can be broken down to 5 main components:
Business and farm regulatory compliance
Environmental Stewardship
Turfgrass genetic purity practices
Customer service and satisfaction
Staff welfare and safety

Geoff Hatton from Cobbitty Lawn Turf

General Manager of Cobbitty Lawn Turf Geoff Hatton is a second-generation turf farmer and sports field constructor. Geoff is a passionate farmer and avid supporter of AusGAP’s turf certification program. Ready for change in the industry, Geoff takes accountability of the standards AusGAP stipulate.

Why get involved in AusGAP?

“The independent inspections that come they actually prove what we’re doing here, it actually raises the standard for the end-user, so they know what they’re getting when they buy their product. It has the assurance and the guarantees that come with it and all the information that comes from all the other farms is then inputted into everybody’s farm, so the standard of turf growing just becomes sensational.”

How has AusGAP helped the way you grow turf and prove that it is certified?

“It’s made our business practices a lot better as a whole because you keep developing every year with the certification because you learn so much, so your farm safety improves, your quality of grass improves and the end product for the clientele is just so much better so over all its all more sustainable.”

AusGAP Certified Turf Consumer

Each certified product has its own certificate so the customer can be sure they will never receive a substitute or inferior product.
This ensures a product that has spent decades in development is never substituted and performs for the consumers every need.

Leigh Brain from GHG

Manager of Green Horticulture Group, Leigh is master of contract management and delivery. With years of industry experience under his belt, Leigh understands what it takes to make a project a successful one.

Why is it so important as a turf professional to have something like AusGAP backing the turf that is coming to you and your customers?

As a company one area we’re constantly striving to provide our clientele with consistent communication, quality service with a quality product, a major ingredient of our end result when we’re doing turf construction or turf installation jobs is obviously the turf itself. Having the knowledge that AusGAP certified varieties are grown under strict regulations and guidelines providing a consistent and quality product allows GHG the confidence to provide our client with a superior turf and excellent end result.

Why do you think an AusGAP variety was chosen for this job?

Consistency and quality of the turf is why AusGAP was chosen here at Campbelltown stadium, the fact that it’s pest and weed free guarantee, the short growing period and the excellent colour is made a perfect choice for us, and the results speak for themselves.

Gaining an insight to the practical applications of the AusGAP program showcases the industry standards AusGAP sets, and consumers have come to expect. AusGAP is designed to help the entire industry from producers to consumers by creating and setting an industry standard for what is to be expected and delivered of turf varieties.