Turf maintenance

Correct turf maintenance

Maintenance requirements vary between turf species and environmental situations. The correct maintenance plan will be the final step after correct site preparation and turf selection, in ensuring that your AusGAP certified turf survives and thrives for years to come.

A well maintained lawn is pleasing on the eye and both mentally and physically beneficial to those who use it.

AusGAP certified producers have a range of quality turf products that require varying amounts of maintenance depending on variety and climate.

Using the AusGAP turf selector will help you select the correct turf type for your job and the AusGAP staff and growers can assist in constructing a fitting maintenance schedule to help get the best out of your AusGAP certified grass.

Varying maintenance needs

Not all grasses were created equal meaning they require varying amounts of nutrients, water, sunlight and mowing.

The AusGAP Turf Selector will assist you in choosing the most suitable certified grass for your needs taking into account all of the variables along with local climate and grass availability.

Maintenance advice

Once the turf is selected, AusGAP and its associated producers and industry partners can work with you to develop and implement the most appropriate maintenance for your specific project.

Planning ahead and knowing the specific needs of you particular AusGAP certified grass will ensure you are able to get the best result possible and reap the rewards for years to come.

Devise, plan, execute

Contact AusGAP today and get started on the planning process for your turf job from site preparation and turf selection to installation  and maintenance.


Whether you are in charge of a large scale public site or laying a couple of square metres of grass in your backyard, correct site preparation is essential to give your AusGAP certified turf the best start.

AusGAP are exclusive ITGAP agents and uphold the ITGAP production standards here in Australia guaranteeing purity and quality of new advanced turf products.

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