Posted 18 February 2018 by AusGAP Certified

Lawn Solutions Australia growers become fully certified

Lawn Solutions Australia growers become fully certified

Lawn Solutions Australia growers are leading the way when it comes to being certified growers under the Australian Turf Certification program, AusGAP.

A total of 41 turfgrowers, nearly all members of Lawn Solutions Australia’s nation-wide network, have now achieved the mandatory requirements to gain certification status under the program. With an additional three farms having also started the certification process this year.

Speaking on the announcement, AusGAP compliance manager Nick Dorney described the milestone as an exciting development for the Australian turf industry.

“AusGAP congratulates and welcomes the newly certified Lawn Solutions Australia member-turfgrowers to an exclusive group of best-practice oriented, professional turf businesses,” said Dorney.

“These growers now have a dedicated quality assurance program to work to in producing premium-quality, true-to-type turfgrasses and in the services that surround getting those turf products to their customers.”

The AusGAP program is said to take into account a number of steps and processes to properly satisfy that certifed turf production businesses will remain compliant under AusGAP protocols.

“AusGAP is the customer and end-user’s assurance that the turf delivered to site has been grown to the highest possible quality standards,” explains Dorney.

“Integral to the program is the satisfaction of the end-user; with the AusGAP program ensuring that what has been promised in a turf-type is ultimately delivered.”

“AusGAP certification not only ensures the genetic purity of a turfgrass variety, but it also provides assurance that the entire production, delivery and installation process has been undertaken to the highest industry standards.”

The process is apparently extensive, with all AusGAP certified turf producers required to meet a stringent set of requirements and rigorous independent audit process in order to become AusGAP accredited.

“From the beginning of the growing phase through to harvesting and delivery, the customer can be confident their AusGAP accredited turf grower has met all requirements and the turf is true-to-type and of the best quality that can be made available at the time,” Dorney reiterates.

Lawn Solutions Australia says they can now rightly claim that through AusGAP certification, that their national network of forty-plus turf producers provide unmatched standards of quality turfgrass, turf-care products and other specialised turf services to the landscape, commercial, domestic and sports turf markets.

The AusGAP Turf Certification Program has recently been opened to new applicants and further developments will be announced into 2018 as the program moves into the fully fledged national rollout stage.