Posted 9 June 2021 by AusGAP Certified

How to know if your turf producer provides AusGAP certified grasses

How to know if your turf producer provides AusGAP certified grasses

Purchasing turf can be a daunting process and understanding where to start can be the first hurdle. The first thing that should be on the consumers mind is ‘are they providing me with AusGAP certified grass?’ AusGAP has a growing list of turf farms that provide certified grasses, that way the consumer has genetically pure turf at their fingertips.

AusGAP has many farms that produce certified grass Australia-wide, as the push for accountability and certification in the turf industry has begun. This comes from the well-informed consumer that knows choosing AusGAP certified turf is the only way to be sure they are spending their money on a quality product that will leave them satisfied for years to come.

When purchasing turf most people have a general idea in mind of the turf they want, or if they don’t, they want someone who can provide the best knowledge on their products. AusGAP provides training to turf farms that produce AusGAP certified turf to ensure they have a knowledge of the product and are invested in maintaining the genetic purity of that turfgrass variety. This understanding of the product will help them guide you through the process of purchasing AusGAP certified turf.

You should always be asking your local turf producer if they provide AusGAP certified grass. This is the only way to guarantee that the turf you are getting is the turf you specified and purchased. Every purchase of AusGAP certified turf comes with a certificate that provides certainty that the turf variety you specified and purchased is the one being installed in your backyard, school, or even local park.

When growers provide you with the certificate for your purchase of AusGAP certified turf, this is their way of telling you that this is a high-quality product they are proud to provide you. It is also an assurance that your turf is visually free and weeds and pests and had genetic purity to that turfgrass variety.

Producers cannot receive AusGAP certification on their grass varieties unless the stringent set of standards AusGAP requires are met.

Looking for AusGAP certified from the beginning can save you time and money. The cost and time put into site preparation, the choosing and laying of the turf, you don’t want a turf that is not up to par. These factors make it crucial to choose AusGAP certified when looking for a turfgrass provider.

The only way to guarantee that a turf farm is AusGAP certified is by heading to our AusGAP website and check out our ‘Turf Suppliers’ tab and find a local certified turf farm near you.