Posted 20 October 2021 by AusGAP Certified

AusGAP Certified Turf Varieties

AusGAP Certified Turf Varieties

The AusGAP program have been able to genetically certify a range of turfgrasses through a rigorous process. But what turf varieties are involved in the program and why these specific grasses?

We have been able to establish four varieties of turfgrass that we can trace back the genome to the parent material:
Sir Grange
Sir Walter DNA Certified
Trinity (L1F)

What does it mean to genetically certify a turf variety?

Tracing the turf in the paddock back to the genome in the lab is essential to the program. Why is this essential to certifying these varieties? If the DNA of the plant in the field is the same as the parent material, it will show the specific characteristics that the grass variety was bred for whether it be drought, shade or wear tolerance.

Sir Grange:

Long gone are the days where Sir Grange is just on the golf course. Sir Grange Zeon Zoysia is a fine bladed premium turf variety that can withstand the Australian climate.

Sir Grange has been bred to show certain characteristics that the AusGAP certification program aims to maintain. Sir Grange can withstand full sun but can still thrive with only three hours of direct sunlight a day and requires 50% less mowing than other common turf varieties. With its ability to self-repair, tolerate salt, drought and high wear, this AusGAP certified turf variety has many more practical applications than on the golf course.

Sir Walter DNA Certified:

When shopping for a product do you look for ‘Australia Made’? Sir Walter DNA Certified is a soft leaf buffalo that was born and bred in Australia and has been a household favourite since its introduction to the market over 20 years ago.

AusGAP certifies Sir Walter DNA Certified because of its versatility. When looking for turf varieties Sir Walter DNA Certified can check all the boxes on your list with its ability to withstand full sun, shade, extreme heat, frost, and drought. With many imposter grasses on the market AusGAP understands the need to certify this variety to maintain the characteristics Australians have come to love.

Trinity (L1F):

Exclusively a professional sports turf, Trinity (L1F) is a fine bladed zoysia developed for golf courses and sporting fields.

AusGAP protects your interests by providing a third-party system of quality control especially at a commercial level. With low maintenance and high drought tolerance this turf variety must be maintained at a professional level.


Australians are no stranger to the tough conditions our climate can provide us. TifTuf has set a new benchmark for drought tolerance in the turf industry being the first turf grass to receive the Smart Approved WaterMark in Australia or anywhere in the world.

As a product of 25 years in research and development, it is in everyone’s best interest that AusGAP ensure their turf standards apply to the production of this turfgrass and keep the variety true to type. This means protecting its ability to take root in less than 7 days during establishment, making it 75% faster than other varieties.

Not all turf can be AusGAP certified, the rigorous processes set in place ensure the product in the paddock has the closest possible genomic sequence as the parent material, ensuring you get the product and traits you have in mind for your project.